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BixBytes Solutions is committed to providing you an end-to-end ecommerce technology solution on the platform that is most appropriate for your business requirements. Our team will ensure smooth implementation, of the model which is built to grow with your expanding business and will be scaled and catered to fulfilling your growing needs. Our platforms will be customized and can be used by small, mid-sized or large-scale industry ensuring their success.Customer acquisition and retention are shifting in fundamental ways that businesses need to address head-on. Whether our partner is emerging, mid-market or an enterprise brand, they need a full-service ecommerce solution that brings experience and technology to bear with capabilities to efficiently target, nurture and grow opportunities throughout the customer journey. Such a wide-spanning mandate demands a similarly broad end to end ecommerce ecosystem. With smooth and effective implementation of various E-commerce services, thus enhancing your customer experience with strengthening customer satisfaction and developing long-term loyalty with your brand and improved brand awareness

Some of the key features include:

  • Responsive and adaptive designs for intuitive experience across mobile & the web
  • Web-based admin console provides complete site control
  • Intuitive navigation and product categorization
  • Premium hassle-free shopping experience and 24 X 7 availability
  • Increase customer base exponentially by engaging shopping experience
  • Mobile apps for business on the go.
  • Digital payments, e-wallets etc.
  • Generate brand loyalty and target segmented customers to enhance ROI.
  • SEO & Social Media updates
  • Billing/Logistical Support Software