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Reference Thai Air - MS Teams Call Centre with Peoplefone

Nov 25, 2021


How is the airline Thai Air positioned in Switzerland?

We have 3 employees stationed at Zurich Airport, 5 in Cargo and 12 in the Town Office. We had to close the latter this year due to the Corona crisis and the associated short-time work. Since then, the 12 employees affected have been working from their home offices.


Why did you switch to a new telephony solution?

The driver behind the replacement of our existing telephony system was the dissolution of the Town Office. This was because our old solution was tied to the workplace, and calls made while employees were away would have gone nowhere. This would have been unthinkable, especially for our team that takes care of reservations. Thanks to the new telephony solution, our employees can also be contacted remotely and can always be reached via the corresponding smartphone application, even when they are on the road.

Which solution did you choose and why this one in particular?

We have been using the Microsoft Teams solution since March 2021. This solution was recommended to us by our long-standing contact person for computer and telephony matters, Thomas Koch. We had also evaluated a solution from another provider. However, this was too expensive and too complex for us. This was also because we would have had to change installation partners. That was not an option for us.

Why did you decide to work with peoplefone and Bix Bytes?

We have been working with Mr. Koch for 20 years and are very satisfied. When he moved to Bix Bytes at the beginning of the year, it was clear to us that we would move with him. He was also the one who recommended peoplefone as the provider for our new telephony solution. And his recommendations have always paid off in the past years.

How did the change take place?

Mr. Koch explained to us in advance what possibilities Microsoft Teams would open up for us and ensured a smooth porting by testing the connections beforehand. In addition, our employees all received training and instructions on how to use Microsoft Teams before the switch. The switch subsequently went smoothly.

What were the challenges?

At the beginning, someone was occasionally thrown off the call because the wrong button was pressed. Other than that, however, the changeover didn't cause any difficulties. The solution is actually also relatively self-explanatory. How was the cooperation with peoplefone and Bix Bytes? We are very happy with the cooperation with Bix Bytes and peoplefone. Mr. Koch is our central contact person. If there are any disruptions, he deals with them directly with peoplefone. people-fone therefore stays in the background - which is good, because it means that the solution works.

How satisfied are you with the new solution?

We are very satisfied. So far we haven't had any problems with Microsoft Teams. We would therefore recommend the solution at any time - or have already done so. We have told our German colleagues about Microsoft Teams, as they also want to optimize their availability. Now we are curious whether they will also switch. peoplefone would also be active as a provider in Germany.

What is the biggest difference to the previous solution?

We can now all call each other, which was not so easy with the previous solution - you were always connected to the head office first. There was no way to directly short-circuit each other internally. In addition, we can now hold virtual meetings and chat with each other. And our reservations team is much more accessible thanks to the new ring connection, and we can see when our colleagues are busy. We also have robots that ensure that callers are always connected to the right contacts. Another argument in favor of the solution is the cost: We used to have a lot of numbers that we didn't need but paid for. Now we pay for exactly the licenses we need.

From an interview with Ms. Silvia Stoll, Sales & Marketing Manager at Thai Air